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Northern Technical College is a training institution under Ministry of Education, Science Vocation Training and Early Education. The College was established in 1959 and has for many years had a reputation as the prime technical vocational training centre for engineering trades and business studies in Zambia. The College is situated in Ndola on the Copperbelt. The College is governed by a Management Board well composed of imminent members thus giving it the desired blend of business and public representation. The Management Board is constituted by the Minister of Education, Science Vocation Training and Early Education under the TEVET Act No. 13 of 1998 as amended in 2005.

The College seeks to achieve the following aims, as derived from the TEVET Act No. 13 of 1998 as amended in 2005 section 11:

  1. To act as a vehicle for improved skills, productivity and income generation,
  2. To be an instrument for minimization of inequalities among people,
  3. To balance the supply of skilled labour at all levels with the demand of the national economy.
  4. Provide training in technical education, vocational and entrepreneurship training.
  5. Develop Curricula for the Institution.
  6. Ensure that standards prescribed by the Authority are maintained by the College


The college operates as a devolved/semi-autonomous institution with a mandate to:

  1. To broker transferable knowledge, skills, attitudes and values pertaining to engineering and business practice.
    To hire out Technical / Management expertise and or specialized facilities.